SSF Global Solutions General Terms and Conditions of Use

Intended for travellers using the SSF GLOBAL SOLUTIONS application
Version of 07/02/2020


SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF) provides the SSF GLOBAL SOLUTIONS service for mobile phone devices. Via this application, companies can, in line with their safety and security policy, offer their employees in France or overseas a geolocation service and the possibility to send security and health-related request for assistance.

Prior to installing and using SSF GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, the employee or future user of the said application is obliged to accept the present General Terms and Conditions of Use.



The following definitions will be used in the General Terms and Conditions of Use :
- “Application” : interactive electronic service entitled “SSF GLOBAL SOLUTIONS” for which the use is subject to the present General Terms and Conditions of Use for the compatible smartphones and marketed by the company SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF).
- “Service” : all functionalities of the SSF GLOBAL SOLUTIONS application.
- “Traveller” : refers to the company employee who is also the user of the mobile phone application.
- “Client” : The client company under the contract for the service SSF GLOBAL SOLUTIONS and who makes the Application available to the Traveller.


The present General Terms and Conditions of Use at 4 March 2019, concern the Service offered by SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF). These conditions apply to the exclusion of all other conditions.
The conditions are accepted on the date of registration and may be subject to updates. As such, the applied conditions are those in effect from the date of use. It is the Traveller’s responsibility to regularly consult these conditions or to request to do so via the Client, in order to remain informed of the most recent developments.


SSF GLOBAL SOLUTIONS is a service which acts as an interface between the Client and the Traveller. Through this, the Traveller can :
• Send his/her information concerning his/her geolocation
• Activate the auto-tracking mode at any time
• Send security or medical requests for assistance

- Via text message and or email/web-based supervisory interface, the supervisor(s) designated by the Client can :
• Receive data concerning the Traveller’s geolocation or related to the auto-tracking feature
• Receive data concerning requests for security/medical assistance

The Traveller understands that the functionality of SSF GLOBAL SOLUTIONS requires communications via his or her mobile device, the charges for which depend on his or her phone operator and phone contract.


SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF) may proceed with software updates if and when necessary for the operation of the Service.

Generally, SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF) reserves the right to update the technical specifications of the Service at its sole discretion, and equally, reserves the right to update the communication technology used for the SSF GLOBAL SOLUTIONS Service at its sole expense.

In the same vein, SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF) ensures the legislative maintenance of SSF GLOBAL SOLUTIONS, consistent with its evolution in compliance with regulation and or requests from the French authorities.


The Service is available to the Traveller after he or she has :
- Accepted the present GTCU,
- Received his/her login details with the user’s guide.

The Service is accessible to the Traveller after downloading the application on their smartphone, provided that the operating system of the said device corresponds with the technical prerequisites below :
- Android: version 6 or higher
- iOS: version 7 or higher
The Service is accessible to the Traveller 24 hours per day providing that he or she has access to the GSM network.


The Service is solely reserved for persons for whom a traveller's account has been created upstream by SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF).
The Service is reserved for those who have subscribed to all conditions of use of their mobile phone, phone operator and any downloading platforms used to diffuse the Application.
The Service is reserved for persons whose names have been communicated by the Client.


The Traveller agrees to respect the present General Terms and Conditions of Use.
The Traveller alone is responsible for his or her use of the Service and is under no circumstance exempt from scrupulous compliance with the law and the rules of prudence.


The Traveller acknowledges having understood the restrictions and limits of the GSM network. It is the Traveller’s responsibility to protect his or her technical equipment against any form of contamination notably via virus/ hacking attempt, for which SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF) can under no circumstance be held liable.
The Traveller alone is responsible for the installation, use and maintenance of his or her technical equipment necessary to use the Application. SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF) will in no case be held liable in the event that the Service turns out to be incompatible or proves to be dysfunctional with certain software, configurations, operating systems or equipment belonging to the Traveller.
The Traveller agrees to have acknowledged that assistance associated with security or medical-related requests is the sole responsibility of the Client and not of SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF).


In the event of a technical problem, the Traveller should contact the Client directly.


SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF) retains all intellectual property rights relating to the Application and the Service. Moreover, SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF) is the depository for data automatically uploaded by the Application.
Any deterioration, or any non-authorised representation, reproduction, modification, commercial use (full or partial) of the various elements of the Application is forbidden and any violations may lead to criminal prosecution.


The Traveller accepts that the Service requires SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF) to receive the data necessary to open his or her rights (first name, surname, email address, telephone number) and to collect and manage their geolocation data (latitude, longitude) and the date-time group (DTG).
SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF) manages and stores data related to the Traveller and their location for the duration necessary in order to carry out its service within the limits contractually and regulatorily set beforehand with the Client.

The Geolocation data is integrated anonymously by SCUTUM SECURITY FIRST (SSF) into a database used by the Application and constitutes an integral part of declaration n°1469550 filed at the National Commission on Informatics and Freedoms (Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) on 30 November 2010 and updated on 27 February 2014.

The Traveller, in accordance with the legal provisions of the law n° 78-17 “Information Technology and Liberties” (“Informatique et Libertés”) dated 6 January 1978 and subject to prove his/her identity, has the right to request that his/her personal data be rectified, completed, updated, blocked or erased if the data is inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, out of date, or if the collection, use, disclosure or retention of such data is prohibited.

The Traveller can exercise these rights by sending supporting documents via postal mail to the following address: Scutum Security First (SSF) 14 rue Magellan 75008 Paris FRANCE

Data registered as part of the Service shall not be communicated to any third party.

The Traveller, who activates the geolocation function and or auto-tracking mode him/herself, accepts de facto that their data may be transmitted and stored by Scutum Security First.


The present conditions are governed by French law. Therefore, in the event of litigation, the Commercial Court of Paris will be the only authorised Arbitrator.